Totally Kate on Twitter

Totally Kate is on Twitter. I’ll post about updates although since you’re very limited I’ll most likely have to post URLs to send you to the blog for more info. Sign up to “follow” me and we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

BTW, as noted in my latest interview with Kate, she’s not really intrigued with all this computer stuff so if you see Kate Mulgrew on twitter, facebook, myspace, blogs, etc. and it’s not me (Totally Kate) it’s also not officially connected to Kate.

Totally Kate Webmaster

Totally Kate: Do you like using the computer? Do you consider it a necessary annoyance for email, etc?

Kate Mulgrew: You know I so resent it. You know all those years when I was doing Voyager that was the biggest joke of all. Captain Janeway was … I said ‘How do you do this with this? How do you..?’ I had no idea! I love to email. Yeah. I can do that! Does it intrigue me? No. Will I, until the day I die say it’s all about books? Yes. But I can see in this younger generation that computers … they’re all just remarkable. They can’t do anything without it! I mean they’ve mastered the whole thing.

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