Kate Mulgrew in Dragon Age 2

Listen to Kate in Dragon Age 2!


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  1. Yay! I hoped she would return to Dragon Age!

  2. Thats fantastic, i know Flemeth was only a small part in Dragon age: origins, however, it was and still is a Crucial one! Great news!

  3. Gotta say, just based on the demo, I REALLY love how much she changed Flemeth’s personality. From the “Crazy old swamp woman” in the first game, to “confident wise dragon woman” in the second. Bravo.

  4. The change between DA:O and DA2 in relation to Flemeth *is* fantastic. I actually got goosebumps while playing the demo when I watched Flemeth appear. It’s interesting… the first episode of Voyager, Captain Janeway was new and there was that touch of uncertainty in character portrayal. That portrayal far exceeded anyone’s expectations, I think as the series continued. The same is true here. While Flemeth in DA:O was interesting, it seemed there was that newness and uncertainty there. Now, however, Flemeth truly does sound like the unbelievable force to be reckoned with. I sincerely hope she plays a much larger part in DA2 than in DA:O. And frankly, the voice is perfect for the character. I especially love the bit that I think goes like so: “Is it fate or chance? I can never decide.” I don’t remember it verbatim but that’s the gist, at least. It shows a touch of that eccentricity of DA:O while not undermining the sheer strength of the character. Beautifully done.

  5. I loved Kate Mulgrew in both, and very excited to see her in DA, her lines were well written and loved her over all portrayal, I just wish that evryone would stop comparing everything she does to ST:VOY, don’t get me wrong – I loved that too, but the poor woman must be sick of all the comparisons with everything she does. It’s like when Colm Wilkinson of Les Miserables is asked to sing “Bring Him Home” again and again. VOY was great, but it was over a decade ago, why does everyone insist on dwelling on the past…?
    Anyway, ranting aside, please keep turning into a dragon for us Kate! Cannot wait for the next installment!

  6. Greatly enjoyed you as Janeway; however, LOVED you in Dragonage 2. Wow!

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