Prints of Red and Janeway by Alec Egan

Red and Janeway by Alec Egan.

Red and Janeway by Alec Egan

Note from Kate Mulgrew’s son, artist Alec Egan:

These unique prints of Red and Capt Janeway will be available in 8.5 x 11 inches and 18 x 22. They will be unveiled at the Las Vegas convention and then available via my website – . They are a brand new limited edition series of hand painted and hand drawn screen prints for the 2015/2016 year. Each print will be signed by both myself and my mother. It is a pleasure to offer such generous fans another personalized collector’s item!

Be sure to stop by Alec’s table in the vendors room at Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Convention Aug. 6-9, 2015 in Las Vegas!


Kate sends Thanks! and Alec Egan’s Facebook Page

Hello all!

Kate wanted me to pass along the following message to everyone:

“I  want to extend a thank you to all the generous fans who contributed above and beyond to the Minnesota Medical Foundation and to wish all of you and your families a happy and healthy new year.”

If you didn’t have a chance before and would like to donate here’s the link:

Many of you are familiar with Kate’s son, Alec Egan’s paintings. If you are on Facebook Alec now has a Facebook Page. Become a fan:

Totally Kate Website

Visit – The Official Website of Kate Mulgrew

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Alec Egan Art Show

Here’s some information from Kate on Alec’s latest art show!

Dear All,

On Sept. 25  at 7 pm PDG Performance Warehouse will open its doors for a wonderful new art show, NOHIO: A Group Show. The show will feature the work of several artists including my son, Alec Egan, who would be delighted to have you attend. Below is a brief description of the show.I hope you’ll be able to see it.


Please feel free to pass this information along!The opening reception will be from 7 – close (?) on Friday, September 25 at PDG Performance Warehouse: 2485 Hunter St., Los Angeles, 90021.

Six Visual Artists Converge at PDG Performance Warehouse

Los Angeles, CA, August 19, 2009– PDG Performance Warehouse, one of the newest, and most innovative performance venues located in downtown Los Angeles, will be exhibiting the work of six visual artists, with an opening reception on September 25, 2009 and closing on October 15, 2009.  The show, entitled “NOHIO: A Group Show” will feature five painters and an installation artist, all who have had life experiences in the state of Ohio, although only one of them still resides there:  Alec Egan and Rob Blum of Portland Oregon; Stefan Gunn of Providence, Rhode Island, Jennie Booth and Ashley Lamb of New York and Karen Snouffer of Gambier, OH.

This exhibition is the first event for PDG Performance Warehouse that hosts the work of visual artists and that is not in conjunction with a performance.  Jonney Ahmanson, Executive Director of Poor Dog Group, a Los Angeles-based performance collective, is “pleased to welcome these 6 talented artists, to come and show their work to a Los Angeles audience.” He believes “housing theses artists and creating a dialogue between two drastically different aspects of the country’s identity, using downtown LA as a backdrop, is invigorating and central to the purpose of the PDG Performance Warehouse.” Alec Egan, originally from LA and a friend of Ahmanson, is the curator of the show.  He sees this as an opportunity for “the resurgence of important and uniquely powerful voices in a time that is economically stifling and therefore muzzled creatively.”  He believes that “viewers will have a chance to witness works from artists that are bold, re-reactionary, and most importantly different from the repetitive commercial art world, that although wounded by this recession, continues to take precedence.”

Each artist has taken unique directions in the art world, yet they continue to stay in touch.  Individually, they have successfully had exhibitions at venues in New York, Portland, Los Angeles, Buffalo, Miami and Epernay, France to name a few. This is the first time they have exhibited their work together. They decided to emphasize their Ohio commonality with the tongue-in-cheek title, although the Midwest state is not necessarily central to the work created for the show. The NOHIO artists see the PDG Performance Warehouse venue as one that invites energy, experimentation and risk, all characteristics that they all hold in high regard for their own work.

The opening reception will be from 7 – close on Friday, September 25 at PDG Performance Warehouse: 2485 Hunter St., Los Angeles, 90021.

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Alec Egan Art Show Report

As previously reported, Kate’s son, Alec Egan had a one-man showing of his art May 30th to June 1st, 2009 at Box Eight Gallery in Los Angeles. Here are some photos from the event and a report on the happenings from my L.A. traveling companion. Many thanks for the report!

Totally Kate Webmaster

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Kate Mulgrew & Alec Egan on ET

Kate & Alec on ET

Filmed May 30th, 2009 at Alec’s one-man showing of his work, Tranny at Box Eight Gallery in L.A.

Visit to view more of Alec’s work.

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A ‘Star Trek’ Star Turns Proud Mama!

Kate Mulgrew & Alec Egan

Kate Mulgrew & Alec Egan

Here’s the news about Alec Egan’s art show from Entertainment Tonight.

Totally Kate Webmaster

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Movie & Art

Hello all,

Here’s a link with a bit more information about “The Best & the Brightest”, with Kate Mulgrew,  which starts shooting Thursday in Philadelphia.

If you are a member of the Totally Kate yahoo groups you will have already received this link but wanted to post it to the blogs, etc. I’ve been away for the weekend and didn’t have access to post to all the blogs, etc.

So this weekend I was in Los Angeles and attended Alec Egan’s art show. Very interesting evening and Alec sold some paintings. In fact two members of the list bought my favorite one. More on that later but just wanted to give everyone a ‘heads up’ that Entertainment Tonight was there. So you may want to keep an eye on their website and check out the program the next few nights for any coverage. If there are any links to video please let me know and I’ll be sure to update everyone!

Totally Kate Webmaster

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Official Sites

It has been brought to my attention that there are several websites – particularly My Space and Facebook pages that are purporting to be either official representatives of, or actually trying to pass themselves off as either Kate Mulgrew and/or her son, Alec Egan. I want to take this opportunity to warn Kate fans about these impostors and to remind you all that Totally Kate and its satellite sites (links can be found on are Kate’s only official on line sites, and Alec Egan’s only official online site is Kate and her people have expressed concern to me about these sites, and are taking steps to have them removed.

Totally Kate Webmaster

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