Kate Mulgrew cast in “Mercy”

August 28, 2009
Kate Mulgrew cast in ‘Mercy’

Mulgrew Former “Star Trek: Voyager” captain Kate Mulgrew has been cast on NBC’s fall drama “Mercy.”

Mulgrew will play Jeannie Flanagan, the mother of the show’s lead, Veronica (Taylor Schilling). The show is about a group of nurses and their relationships in the vein of a less-wacky “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Most of you are probably already aware of this but we now know Kate’s character’s name! Mercy premieres Wednesday September 23rd 8/7c on NBC. The show’s website can be found here:


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Dragon Con Programming Changes

For anyone going to Dragon Con I would keep checking the Daily Dragon for updates:


Here’s the latest Kate related items from there:

Kate Mulgrew will not be on “Star Trek: Voyager Stars I” Fri 5:30PM, Grand Ballroom A-F (S).

Kate Mulgrew will not be on “The TrekTrak Show” Sat 1PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Added – “TrekTrak Presents Captain Janeway” Q&A with Kate Mulgrew Sat 4PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

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Kate Mulgrew in Dragon Age: Origins Video

New Video on the making of Dragon Age: Origins

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Dragon Age: Origins

Here’s a press release about Dragon Age: Origins. As I already reported Kate voices Flemeth. I didn’t know that Tim Russ (Tuvok on Voyager) was also involved with the game.

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August 27, 2009 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins to Feature the Voices of Fantasy and Sci-Fi Stars Tim Curry and Kate Mulgrew

Award-Winning Celebrities Featured in BioWare’s Dark Fantasy Epic

EDMONTON, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading video game developer BioWare™, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS), has secured a star-studded voiceover cast for its upcoming blockbuster game, Dragon Age™: Origins. Featuring Tim Curry, star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Broadway’s Spamalot, as well as Kate Mulgrew, well-known for her role as Capt. Kathryn Janeway in “Star Trek: Voyager”, Dragon Age: Origins also includes notable cast members Tim Russ (“Star Trek: Voyager,” “Samantha Who?”), Claudia Black (“Stargate SG-1,” “Pitch Black”) and Steve Valentine (“Estate of Panic,” “Crossing Jordan”). Dragon Age: Origins marks BioWare’s return to fantasy, created from the ground up to take players through a dark epic tale filled with violence, lust, and betrayal.

Tim Curry will play the villainous Arl Rendon Howe. Howe is the calculating villain, cultured and charming, with an insatiable lust for power, who never hesitates to harm anyone who gets in his way. Kate Mulgrew will lend her vocal flair to Flemeth, a powerful witch who maintains her immortality through the darkest of means, and who plays a pivotal role in the player’s survival. Both roles provide the actors with the opportunity to bring their considerable talents to bear in their portrayal of these characters.

“Dragon Age: Origins has the largest cast of characters of any game BioWare has ever made,” said Mark Darrah, Executive Producer, BioWare. “By working with an incredibly talented cast of actors we are able to bring reality and depth to the characters, their back stories, motivations, and dreams that our talented writers have created for them.”

In Dragon Age: Origins, players take on the role of a Grey Warden, one of the last of an ancient order of guardians who have served as protectors throughout the centuries. Only they have the power to unite the shattered lands, defeat the Archdemon and drive back the darkspawn that threaten to destroy the world. Players will interact with many interesting characters who may join them in their quest, and they will choose whether these characters become friends, foes, or even a romantic interest. Featuring a deep and compelling story where every choice can have a dramatic impact on the game, Dragon Age: Origins is scheduled to release on November 3, 2009 in North America, for the PC and Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system and later in November for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system.

Dragon Age: Origins is rated M by the ESRB. For more information about Dragon Age: Origins, visit http://www.dragonage.com.

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Dragon Con Schedule

For anyone going to Dragon Con the schedule is up on their website:


For anyone completely overwhelmed by this here’s the info about Kate’s appearances that I’ve gathered from the schedule. Page numbers for the information is in parentheses. Please note this information was gathered solely from the schedule. Nothing was confirmed with Kate. Please check for yourselves in case I missed anything.

Friday – 5:30 PM – Star Trek Voyager Stars – Grand Ballroom A-F Sheraton (40)

Saturday – 1PM – Patrick Stewart & Kate Mulgrew – Atrium Ballroom – Marriott (Pull-Out 6)

Sunday – 11AM – Kate Mulgrew – Grand Ballroom – Sheraton (Pull-Out 12)

Autographs will be done on the Walk of Fame which is at the Hilton Atlanta: Grand Ballroom (Pull Out 22 & 23)

Froggy’s Photos will be done at the Marriott Marquis: International Level (Pull-Out 39)

Hope everyone has a great time! Photos, reports, etc. for the website always welcome!

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Kate with Fans Photos

Added photos to the Kate with Fans section.


Thanks to Andrew & Matt and John & Missy for sharing their photos.

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Odds ‘n Ends Updates

Here’s are a few blurbs I added to various pages of the website.

Enjoy, Totally Kate Webmaster

Iphigenia 2.0 page:

Emily Kinney is performing in Signature Theatre Company’s of Charles Mee’s Iphigenia 2.0, which began previews last week.

On cast member Kate Mulgrew, who plays Clytemnestra:

“I love watching her. She just takes control. No time is ever wasted. Even if they’re just running through a piece of the play for technical reasons, she makes every time count. She really puts herself in it every time. And she’s not afraid to ask questions.”

Salomon, Andrew. “Dogged, dog days, and the lazy dog: our actors assign different roles to the slow month of August.(TAKE 5).” Back Stage East 48.33 (August 16, 2007)

Of Ashes and Atoms page:

When seen on DVD, Of Ashes and Atoms measures up well against higher budget primetime programs like NOVA. The fact that the narration is meticulously executed by Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager) helps. Mulgrew’s performance is polished and thoughtful, a quality that Polaczynski attributes to her professionalism. “I hardly had to give her any direction,” he said. “Most of the time, she would ask for retakes herself whenever they were required.”

One last look at Plum Brook — NASA shoots documentary of nuclear facility.
Government Video (March 1, 2005): p28.

Titus Andronicus page:

De Vries and other good guys did their jobs well enough; but this is a play in which the villains have all the best lines, and the villains were wonderful, especially Kate Mulgrew as the vile Tamora, Queen of Goth. In her most ignominious scene, as she urges her doltish sons Bill Camp and Don Harvey, and hard to say which was nastier, to rape Lavinia, Mulgrew epitomizes the play’s distinctive spirit of gleeful evil. Sin for sin, not even Richard III can compare with Tamora for exultant infamy.

Disch, Thomas M. “Titus Andronicus.” The Nation (Oct. 2, 1989)

Heartbeat page:

People Weekly (March 28, 1988)
HEARTBEAT ABC (Wed., March 23, 9 p.m. ET) They fight. They talk. They hug. This two-hour premiere of a weekly one-hour dramatic series is about a group of women doctors (most of whom could double as fashion models) who set up their own medical center in L.A. Here, at Bay General, patients call doctors by their first names and drop by their houses at night, unannounced, for medical advice. To keep the battle of the sexes alive, several male doctors (including a hot-to-trot pediatrician and a swinging fertility specialist) have been admitted to the staff. Characters include Kate (Throw Momma from the Train) Mulgrew as a divorced, workaholic obstetrician; Laura (L.A. Law) Johnson as a sexy, pioneering cancer surgeon; and Ray (Places in the Heart) Baker as the world’s dumbest shrink, and that’s going some. Actually, for a soap opera, the show isn’t half bad, but then it is the brainchild of Dynasty co-creator Esther Shapiro. The camaraderie among the women, especially when they rib each other about their sex lives, is refreshingly candid, as are the debates over female medical issues and the footage of babies being born.

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Dragon Age: Origins

Kate Mulgrew is providing the voice for Flemeth, a witch who transforms into an enormous, double-tough dragon in Dragon Age: Origins, the new fantasy RPG from Bioware. Check out a preview video here:


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Another Report from the NJ Con

Added Chris’ report of Kate Mulgrew’s appearance at the convention in New Jersey.


Many thanks to Chris for sharing her report!

Feel free to pass along the URL but please do not repost.

Transcript of Kate’s ‘Q&A’ coming soon!

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Dragon Con Photo-Ops, etc.

For those of you going to Dragon Con, photo-ops with Kate Mulgrew will be available. Also photo-ops with Kate and Garrett Wang together!

Photo-ops are being done by Froggy’s Photos and information can be found here:


Also from what I gather, if you pre-order just bring your receipt to the Marriott –International level– they will be located in room A and B..and the shooting schedule will be up on their site Aug 20th.

And if you order be sure to tell them Totally Kate sent you! 🙂

Dragon Con’s website ( http://www.dragoncon.org/ ) says The Pocket Program Schedule will be posted on August 24th. Seems this will list all the Con scheduling and who will be where, etc.

I’ve never been to Dragon con so I’m afraid I’m not much help. If anyone has attended Dragon Con before and has helpful information please let me know and I’ll pass it along to everyone!

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