Dragon Age2

Kate Mulgrew’s entrance as Flemeth in Dragon Age2-tnks to a Kate fan on Twitter

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Dragon Age: Origins

Here’s Kate Mulgrew’s second scene in Dragon Age:Origins. If you are playing the game this contains spoilers!

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Kate Mulgrew in Dragon Age:Origins & Mercy

Check out the Latest News Page of Totally Kate for the first scene of Kate’s character Flemeth in the video game, Dragon Age:Origins. Will differ slightly for another player who makes different dialogue choices. Also could contains spoilers. Thanks to a Totally Kate contributor for the link!

And if you missed ‘Mercy’ you can find the 11/4 episode there also. Kate was in the episode!


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Interview on USA Today Game Hunters

Interview with Kate Mulgrw on USA Today Game Hunters:


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Another interview with Kate Mulgrew on Dragon Age: Origins

Here’s the link to another interview with Kate about Dragon Age: Origins:


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Dragon Age: Origins Press

Here’s a link to an interview with Kate Mulgrew promoting Dragon Age: Origins:


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Dragon Age: Origins Press

Kate Mulgrew will be  doing some upcoming press for the video game Dragon Age: Origins and it looks like this Wed. is it. Bioware is doing a 15 min. interview with her and is asking for questions. Please go submit some interesting ones!


And if you see any other articles/links on-line for press please let me know and I’ll pass them along to everyone.

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