Caregiver Magazine Interview with Kate

Interview with Kate Mulgrew from Caregiver Magazine. No date given but the Alzheimer’s Association Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter’s annual conference was in June 2010.

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Bid on lunch with Kate and Claire Labine plus RH 1st episode script

Bid on lunch with Kate Mulgrew and Ryan’s Hope creator/writer/producer Claire Labine. Supports Transport Group Theatre Company, Ms. Labine is a member of the board of directors.

Also bid on 1st Episode ‘Ryan’s Hope’ – July 7, 1975. Script, As Aired, with Production Notes & Autographed by Stars Helen Gallagher, Kate Mulgrew & Claire Labine

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Kate at DragonCon

Kate Mulgrew will be a guest at DragonCon which runs Sept. 2-5, 2011. Appearances always subject to other work commitments.

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Kate Mulgrew at OzTrek6

Kate Mulgrew will be at OzTrek6-Melbourne Aug. 20, 2011 and Sydney Aug. 21, 2011 – All appearances are tentative and subject to change due to other professional commitments.

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Photos of Kate at Hamlet Reading

Photos of Kate Mulgrew at the FTP reading of Hamlet. Many thanks to Russ!

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