Kate Mulgrew’s 2013 Holiday Message


2013 Holiday Message

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’ve had an extraordinary year – probably one of the most unexpected, mysterious, and galvanizing years of my life. I met a literary agent at a dinner party about 8 months ago and mentioned to him that I was a closet writer and had been for many years, to which he responded “Well, why don’t you think about peeking out of the closet and sending me a few pages of what you think your memoir would be like?”. I didn’t over-think it, I just went into a quiet room, sat down, and before I knew it there were 40 pages and a sample chapter which I submitted without thinking, whereupon he called me and said “I’m sending this to publishers immediately!”. One week later it had gone to auction, and I had a deal with Little, Brown. So it appears my memoir will be on bookshelves by May of 2015 – although the very writing of this makes me want to curl up into a ball and scream “Where’s my closet?!”. Having said all that, there is no time like the present and so as soon as season two on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK wraps in January, I will go south with the rest of the geese and I will write this book.

Season 2 of ONB, like the book, has been entirely surprising, but since we are drawn and quartered if we give any spoilers at all, suffice it to say that the greatest tensions that can exist inside the women’s prison will be stretched to the breaking point in this season’s work. There will be gasps and shudders of horror, joy, shame and delight. But, as is mandated, you are just going to have to stream it in your own time!

Finally, I can’t remember when I’ve been happier – a word I have never used lightly – there’s a sense of buoyancy in my heart and in my imagination that has been missing for some time. Almost an ebullience. I often find myself standing stock still in the middle of the street or the park or in a subway station and just gazing at a flower, a person’s face, a couple embracing. And always with the sensation that it is brand new and is somehow made for me to see just then, in that moment, on that subway platform. It’s a blissful kind of existentialism I have never known and I am going to sail into 2014 with this in mind – wishing the same for each and every one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays and the Happiest of New Years!


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