Kate Mulgrew & Alec Egan on Better Connecticut

Here’s the video of Kate Mulgrew on Better Connecticut

And here’s artist Alec Egan (Kate’s son) on Better Connecticut

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More New Links Added for Antony & Cleopatra

More new links added for Antony & Cleopatra including:

Kate Mulgrew is knowing, sensual,slithery and, with her throaty Katharine Hepburn-after-three-vodkas voice, slightly bawdy. And it all adds up to Cleopatra. – NY Times

Antony & Cleopatra Pitch Woo in Hartford – The Arts Fuse


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Luncheon with Kate and photos from Egypt

Luncheon with Kate Mulgrew at the Hartford Club – Friday, Oct. 29, 2010. Tickets are $55. Donate at least $200 to Cleopatra’s Challenge and come to the lunch for free!

More info:

Photos from Egypt – Opening night of Antony & Cleopatra at Hartford Stage:

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News for Today!

News for today:

Opening night for Antony & Cleopatra! Break a leg!

Review of Antony & Cleopatra at the Examiner.com:

New blog for The Best & The Brightest:

Kate’s good friend, Linda Purl (both were in Manions of America) is giving a concert this January 26 & 27, 2011 in NYC at Feinstein’s at Loews Regency. Check out their website for details and tickets.

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Lots of news today on Antony & Cleopatra! Interview with Tina Landau, report by Valerie, review by Frank Rizzo and click on the middle photo!


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Rebecca’s Report on Antony & Cleopatra

Rebecca’s report on Kate Mulgrew in Antony & Cleopatra at Hartford Stage. Thanks Rebecca! If you have reports or photos to share please contact totallykate@gmail.com


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New Article on Kate Mulgrew in Antony & Cleopatra

Kate Mulgrew & John Douglas Thompson in ANTONY & CLEOPATRA

New article on Kate Mulgrew in Anthony & Cleopatra on the CT Post website. Don’t forget to get your tickets to see the play. A few VIP tickets are available but order soon before they sell out!


VIP tickets to Antony & Cleopatra:

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Jamie’s Report on Antony & Cleopatra

Jamie’s report on seeing Kate Mulgrew as Cleopatra in Antony & Cleopatra at Hartford Stage.
Thanks Jamie! Also check out the link to ‘More Photos’ on the Antony & Cleopatra Information Page.

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Antony & Cleopatra plus Alec Egan Art Exhibit

Check out the Facebook Page for new pics & articles from Antony and Cleopatra at Hartford Stage, plus a new pic from The Best & The Brightest:


If you’ve seen the play please submit a report to Totally Kate!

Plus – Thursday, October 21:  Alec Egan Exhibit Opening Reception
Hartford Stage celebrates the opening of a new art installation by noted visual artist Alec Egan (son of Antony & Cleopatra star Kate Mulgrew).  Reception begins at 6:00 p.m.
Exhibit runs through Nov. 14

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