Mercy Picked Up For Full Season

NBC has just picked up the back nine episodes of ‘Mercy’ so it will have a full-season on NBC. This is  great news as Kate Mulgrew mentioned at the Big Apple Comic Con that a future storyline will deal with her husband on the show being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I know Kate is very pleased that the producers/writers are incorporating Alzheimer’s into the storyline. Hopefully this will be an opportunity to make people more aware of the disease and also be a touching storyline.

Thanks to a Totally Kate contributor for the link announcing the pick-up:

Mercy airs Wednesdays at 8PM ET on NBC!

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US Schedule for Mercy

If you are in the US and missed ‘Mercy’ or miss it in the near future it looks like it will rebroadcast on BRAVO and USA networks. Here’s the schedule for the first couple episodes. This is from IMDB:

TV schedule for
“Mercy” (2009)

Next US TV Airings:
Mon. Sept. 28    11:00 PM    BRAVO     Can We Get That Drink Now?    #1.1
Wed. Sept. 30    8:00 PM            NBC     I Believe You Conrad    #1.2
Sun. Oct. 4    12:00 PM    USA     Can We Get That Drink Now?    #1.1
Sun. Oct. 4    1:00 PM            USA     I Believe You Conrad    #1.2
Wed. Oct. 7    8:00 PM            NBC     Hope You’re Good, Smiley Face    #1.3

Thanks to Ross on Facebook for this!

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‘Mercy’ in Australia

Here’s a review of ‘Mercy’ and it’s from the Courier Mail in Australia. So for those of you outside of the US who have been wondering if ‘Mercy’ will be shown where you are it looks like it’s airing in Australia but I haven’t found out when or on what channel. If you know when it’s airing in Australia, or any other country, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll pass the info along.,23739,26131998-5003422,00.html

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Kate Mulgrew in Mercy Tonight (Wed)

Don’t forget to watch Kate Mulgrew in Mercy tonight (Wed. 9/23) at 8PM ET on NBC!

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Kate Mulgrew at Comic Con and Mercy!

Kate Mulgrew will be at Big Apple Comic Con Oct. 16, 17 & 18. Big Apple Comic Con will be held at Pier 54 – 55th St. at 12th Ave. in New York City. Visit their website for more info – .

And don’t forget to watch Kate in the premiere of ‘Mercy’ this Wednesday night (Sept 23rd) at 8PM ET on NBC!

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Kate Mulgrew cast in “Mercy”

August 28, 2009
Kate Mulgrew cast in ‘Mercy’

Mulgrew Former “Star Trek: Voyager” captain Kate Mulgrew has been cast on NBC’s fall drama “Mercy.”

Mulgrew will play Jeannie Flanagan, the mother of the show’s lead, Veronica (Taylor Schilling). The show is about a group of nurses and their relationships in the vein of a less-wacky “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Most of you are probably already aware of this but we now know Kate’s character’s name! Mercy premieres Wednesday September 23rd 8/7c on NBC. The show’s website can be found here:

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