Totally Kate interviews Kate Mulgrew Little Black Dress

Totally Kate interviews Kate Mulgrew October 10, 2014 in New York City

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Downstage Center Interview

Listen to Kate Mulgrew’s Downstage Center interview!

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Kate interviewed for Downstage Center

Kate Mulgrew is doing an audio taping with the American Theater Wing which will be posted on their website on Wednesday August 25. Check out other Downstage Center segments now!

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A Dozen Questions For Kate Mulgrew

In May 2010 Totally Kate website and Facebook fans were given the opportunity to submit questions for Kate to answer. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions, unfortunately I couldn’t use them all. Here are 12 of them for your enjoyment. Many thanks to Kate Mulgrew!

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My Latest Interview with Kate Mulgrew

I had the good fortune to spend an hour or so with Kate Mulgrew when she was in Atlanta for Dragon Con. Although I had a few questions in mind ‘just in case’, our interview quickly became more of a conversation, covering a wide variety of topics.

Hope you enjoy!

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Telegraph-Herald Print Article

Here’s an interview with Kate Mulgrew in today’s (April 29, 2009) edition of the Telegraph-Herald. Expands a bit on the video interview I posted about previously.

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Video Interview with Kate

Kate was the keynote speaker at the Dubuque County Democrats’ annual Hall of Fame Banquet Tuesday, April 28, 2009. Mulgrew’s father, T.J., was inducted posthumously into the hall of fame.

The Telegraph-Herald did a video interview with Kate.

Kate Mulgrew Back in Dubuque
Wednesday April 29, 2009
Kate Mulgrew talks about her father, her time in Dubuque and what her upcoming acting project is.


Edit to add: For those interested in where the Mercy pilot was shot :-)

TV producers crossing the Hudson boosts N.J. economy
Friday, March 27, 2009

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